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 "Really like the PAMShare concept - so far everything is excellent"


Are you ready for PAMShare? - PAMShare is ready for you!   

What is PAMShare? 

A web site ( dedicated to Fairport's PAM clients - designed to operate on any screen size (tablet, phone & desktop computer).

Send your farm map if you're running PAM+Mapping - if not, no problem PAMShare will work just fine without the map screen.

Send specially formatted PAM reports to PAMShare using the Fairport Data Exchange

Next, grant permission to your consultants, agronomists and family members to view your reports:

  • Summary Reports of all records for each paddock for the current season and for a user-defined number of prior years - grouped into the event types (just like the Season Summary screen in PAM)
  • Same as above, but with all jobs listed in date order & showing who recorded the job (handy for seeing who entered the records in PocketPAM2)
  • Financial summary report & costs graphs for each paddock for the current season-to-date and a user-defined number of prior years (only for those who you have granted 'view financials' permission)
  • The same reports as above but for your current season's master budget
  • Crop Rotations Reports for each paddock (going back 5 years)
  • Cropped areas pie charts for the current season & 5 prior
  • Cropped Areas Map - with pop-up "Info Windows" for each paddock showing crop/variety & area, livestock information (total livestock units & stocking rate)
  • Send messages to one or more members of your "group" ... (that is, those people you have granted permission to view your reports)
  • Pin messages to one or more members of your "group" onto specific locations on your farm map.
  • If you run livestock, we have the following reports for you:
    • The "Stocked Paddocks" report
    • The "Empty Paddocks" report
    • The "Category-Mob Tallies" report
  • Rainfall monthly totals graphs & wet days graphs going back a user-defined number of years for each of your weather stations.

Farm managers with a team of PocketPAM2 operators can easily see who has done what and when

"PAMShare is good for reviewing what boys are up to, especially using the livestock, and crop diary format reports. Actually my favourites. I plan the guys days from these, I know what sheep are feed when, and if paddock has been sprayed and ready for next operation." MH Brookton WA. 


The best way to find out more is to go and have a Demo Trial  Run ... 

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