PAM Ultracrop and PAM UltraVit


  • Cost Reduction Opportunities - 

    • Increased administrative efficiency as a result of analysis and standardizing business process
    • Improved tracking of insecticide, herbicide, fungicide and consumables usage in general
    • Maximize utilization of assets through more effective planning
    • Cost of Production down at the field/paddock/block enables better management of costs relative to the field/paddock/block end use therefore providing the tools to reduce overall costs.

  • Improved Business Intelligence - 

    • Improved visibility of labor (employee and contractor), equipment and consumables costs at a field/paddock/block level
    • More accessible and comprehensive managerial reporting
    • Improved visibility of process efficiencies at a company, regional and business unit level
    • Improved ability for business units to justify capital expenditure
    • Supports cost minimization while achieving yields and quality targets

  • Simplification benefits - 

    • Development of standard processes across all business units
    • Global processes allowing greater share/spread of business unit resources
    • Single system to manage majority of day to day administrative tasks, instead of multiple spreadsheets, notebooks, diaries and databases
    • Removal (if applicable) of need for recording of the same information into multiple systems

  • Future growth opportunities - 

    • Ability to set up new business units with template administrative procedures
    • Ability to be able to incorporate all types of farming operations into one system

  • Future compliance - 

    • Fully integrated Crop Monitoring, Pests & Diseases Monitoring
    • Detailed tracking of chemical and fertilizer use
    • Improved visibility and management of re-entry intervals after spraying
    • Standard recording and reporting on pest and disease monitoring
    • Recording and reporting environmental data. (eg: future Emissions Trading Scheme)


Data Security

  • Keep your data accessible centralized and safe
  • It's your data, keep it where you want it.

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