PDP Lite*

From SHP (Shape File) to Variable Rate map .. quick & easy

"Multi-Client" enabled for consultants

Looking for a light weight program to create Variable Rate Application maps for a range of different controllers? PDP Lite* is what you need. 

PDP Lite* enables you to create and manage Variable Rate projects for multiple clients. Simply import a Shape File based set of management zones for a paddock, use the existing rates contained in the shape file or add your own, then choose your output type (or controller type). Farmscan, Topcon, Flexicoil, Trimble, John Deere plus any other controller which uses a generic Shape File for variable rate. 


Maintain a list of farms and paddocks for each of your clients. Maintain lists of crop types, fertilizers and chemicals to share across all clients.

PDP Lite manages all past projects, so retrieving a project for a previous year is very easy. From there you can make changes and "Save As..." a new Farm/Paddock/Season project .. or just re-use the project. If your variable rate controller has changed in the meantime, no problem, just select the appropriate controller from the list.


Do you use a consultant to prepare your Variable Rate / Variable Application Maps? If so, this is what you need to preview those maps. Edit the rates, add extra bins ... change rates. All in a simple, easy to use application that can output prescriptions to a long list of controllers. 

Designed to be easy to use.  Download a fully working 30 day trial version... click here

Please Note: If you already have "PDP", you don't need PDP Lite as well ...  if you are wanting a full Precision Farming toolkit...then PDP is what you'll need. 


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