June 30th 2016

As we wind up for end of the 2015/16 financial year we would like to thank all our valued clients, agents, distributors and technology partners here in Australia and around the world for all the support and assistance you have given us during the year.

We sincerely welcome all of you who have become new clients this year and to the many of you who have re-joined us. 


The main focus here at Fairport HQ over the past 6 months has been finally getting PocketPAM2.2 released. In all this upgrade took around 6 man years of effort! We have been told by many that it is a big improvement over the PocketPAM2 version. Thanks for feedback!

Here in Western Australia the season so far has been very kind. Some have even said it is the best they can remember. It is good to see that the drought affected areas in Queensland have had some good rains recently. Good luck to all for great finish to the season.

In the past 2 months I have been away from the office a couple of times. I was in the US on business for a week and also in Queensland for a few days in May. I was in Ayr doing a day's training with the Sugar Research Australia farm managers and then two days in the Bundaberg area at Hinkler Park's macadamia operation and at Austchilli's chilli and avocado operation. It was great to get out to see PAM in action on these very busy operations.

Colin arrived back from a 5 week trip to the US in early June. He and a group of his mates and their partners toured the south east area of the country on motorbikes covering almost 6000 miles.


PAM enhancement and maintenance never stops... Apart from adding the features being requested on an ongoing basis, there is ongoing work to speed up the adding and reviewing of data in all areas in PAM.

Enhancements this year have included:

  • A "Diary" view in the Budget system. This enables you to view all your budgeted events bulked together and ordered by date - as per the Paddock Activities Diary.
  • Latitude & Longitude columns were included in the Browse View of Crop Monitoring data. This enables you to upload the coordinates to a GPS unit .. and also to enable you to create heat maps (images) of pest or disease or weed infestations in the PDP module.
  • A new "Planting Name" concept added mainly for market garden type operations where many more than one crop of a given type is planted in the one block per year. There is also an option under "Customise Your PAM.." to make Planting Names mandatory at data entry time.
  • Speeding up the display of records in the Paddock Activities Diary screen.
  • Speeding up the deleting of job records in the Paddock Activities Diary screen.



The extra features now available in PocketPAM are well documented in the PocketPAM manual and also on the PocketPAM web page. However, there has been ongoing work and we are about to release a new version with the following enhancements:

  • Job Photos: Currenty photos associated with a job are not sent to PAM. This is about to change. We have developed around 90% of the end to end functionality to get this working and expect to be able to release it within a week. A new PAM version will be needed as well as the PocketPAM upgrade that you will receive via the app stores. PocketPAM users will receive an email when that happens with full instructions.
  • Precision Crop Technology Imagery: Growers using PCT services will be able to view their yield, EM, Slope .. etc. images overlaying their paddocks in the PocketPAM Mapping Module.



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