December 21st 2016

As we wind up for 2016 we would like to thank all our valued clients, agents, distributors and technology partners here in Australia and in many countries around the world for all the support and assistance you have given us during the year.

We sincerely welcome all of you who have become new clients this year and to the many of you who have re-joined us.

At this time of festivities we hope you can all find time to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends.

We hope you have had a good year this year. Most of the broad-acre cropping clients are very happy with the 2016 season; we hope that our livestock, vegetable, grape, fruit and tree clients have had a good year too.

There have been many small improvements in PAM over the last 12 months; many of them have been behind the scenes speeding up the software. PAM is now 28.5 years old and thanks to the help of all your feedback over all those years is packed full of features, so ‘ground breaking’ enhancements are rare. PocketPAM2 was released in April this year & was extremely well received. The feedback on the “user experience” improvements and the new features compared to the first generation of the app was very encouraging.

We are looking forward to 2017 as we have several large installations to do overseas as well as in Australia. PAM development is ongoing and we are going to be moving onto designing the next generation of the software.


From Roger, Colin and all of the Fairport Team, have a safe and happy Christmas  and a wonderful New Year.

We look forward to working with you all again next year.




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