2018, Fairport’s 30th year in business, has been a very mixed year for our clients, some of them in drought, others having bumper years and a mixture in between. Let us hope 2019 will be a more prosperous year for everyone. 


We here at Fairport are looking forward to 2019 with quite a few things already on the go and new clients continuing to come on board. We especially like to welcome back our clients that return to PAM after being “forced” by their Agronomist to use some other product only to find it frustrating and not as robust for their management and analysis requirements. Don’t forget we have PAM FieldREX which is a free mobile app, designed especially for consultants to use with your PAM. It uses the Fairport Data Exchange, so they can get your data via the internet no matter where they are. As in Pocket PAM they have access to all your paddock/crop history for the year. Further to that, they (or anyone else you nominate) can access your reports & up to date information using If you need more information on these options, call us in 2019.

The ongoing development of our new flagship product “agCommander” is moving forward rapidly. After many months (years really) of important background work in the database design as well as other critical backend processes built to optimize the user experience and facilitate our current and future client’s farm management needs, we can now see it all coming together. Using our many years of experience to streamline data entry the new interface is truly our best work yet. We have started the first round of in house testing and fine tuning. It is very evident that we have gone the extra mile to emphasize how simple and easy it is to use agCommander as a powerful tool.

There is still plenty of ongoing testing to do before we move onto the next stage but we are very happy and excited with the progress being made so far.


A valued, 20+ year PAM client wrote recently asking about our future directions and to say …

I've done significant research into other providers and available online software, however none come close to Fairport in the amount of available features…

(Thank you for this very supportive feedback Georgia!)


In November, we sent out a PDF document about agCommander, with screen shots etc. Some of you may have missed. Maybe it went straight to “Junk” or like us all these days, you are overwhelmed with spam email and just missed it. If you would like to have us send (or resend) that agCommander information and screen shot document to you, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll shoot it to you in the new year.


While we have been focused and working very hard on the new agCommander application, we have still been maintaining the PAM software. Adding enhancements to speed up the database operation and adding new features that will also be seen in agCommander.

Recent changes in PAM:

  • Cropped Areas and Seed Used report -Now includes Associated Crops so if you have a mixed fodder crop or under-sowing or a pasture seed mix, all crops are included in the report.

  • Work Orders report options have been enhanced – You have more choices as to what is included on the printed version of Work Orders.

  • Chemical QA reports – Speed of producing this report has significantly increased. This had been an issue in some horticultural operations.

  • Added a Browse View for Livestock Splits & Joins - to make it easier to see where mobs have changed.

Many other small features have been added and some bug fixes too.

Colin went to Papua New Guinea to train the staff at Trukai, a new PAM Enterprise client who has a rice and livestock operation near Lae. They were all very enthusiastic about implementing PAM into their business process and could easily see how it will help to improve their management systems. We achieved a great deal over the days of training and it was pleasing to see new happy PAM clients and to see how well it will fulfill their needs.


Mind My Assets has been getting more users throughout 2018 and has also had quite a few enhancements added at the request of users.

Mind My Assets is now managing a total of 23190 assets.

We have recently imported a client’s machinery list from PAM into Mind My Assets … so the option for us to import your Machinery List from PAM into Mind My Assets exists now to save you time setting the system up.

If you haven’t had a look at it yet or know someone that could use it go to and sign up for a free 30 day trail.



Christmas Break – We will be closing on Friday 21st December and resuming work on Wednesday 2nd January. Colin will be monitoring the Registration emails (not faxes). If there is any URGENT support required you can call Colin on 0413050739.



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