March 2019


2018, Fairport’s 30th year in business, was a very mixed year for our clients, some of them in drought, others having bumper years and a mixture in between. Now we are well into 2019 and we have had an increase of new user inquiries, many of which have tried other software and found it lacking in good management information once they got past the pretty screen.

We wish you all the best for the 2019 year


Our Development of agCommander is still going well. The data entry is proving to be much simpler and faster than PAM, with the testing we are doing.
We have pretty well completed the data entry side of Paddock and Cropping
actuals, budgets, work orders and recommendations. The Mapping setup, drawing, importing, exporting is also done the reports are in progress.
Livestock is the next stage to start testing as most of the background work has been done.
We have also been doing work on interfaces to chemical databases for various countries, this will allow the chemical lists will be updated automatically with the currently registered chemicals.

We will keep you posted as we go through the year with progress reports.


While we have been focused and working very hard on the new agCommander application, we have still been maintaining the PAM software. Adding enhancements to speed up the database operation and adding new features that will also be seen in agCommander.

Recent changes in PAM:

  • Master Fertiliser List Updated - We have gathered together the current fertilisers from CSBP, Summit, CBH, Imact, Whitfords as they are readily available. We are trying to get others like Incitec Pivot, Yara and others. If you have any other manufactures you have details for we can contact them for their lists. The master list also includes the analysis details of each fertiliser.
    When you select Add a fertilisr the pick list will appear.

  • Master Chemical Database Updated and on Updates web page - We have uploaded the latest list of Registered Chemicals in Australia for most crop types. You can download it from the Fairport Updates page when you do a PAM Update. Once you have downloaded the file it can be imported into PAM Master Chemical database. NOTE: Some security settings may require you to import it from a folder like C:\Temp rather than you downloads folder.
    Here is a help video on importing the database. Import Chemical database
  • Budget Cropped Areas Report now includes associated crops – The Cropped Areas and Seed Used Report ans well as the Consumables Required Reports now include associated (Non Main) Crops.

Many other small features have been added and some bug fixes too.


PAM SaaS has been getting more users especially if clients have a MAC computer, have multiple people to enter data or have properties in multiple locations with Managers keeping the records.

Included in the annual fee is
  • Fairport Club Membership
  • Current versions of the software automatically installed by Fairport
  • FREE Telephone technical support on Fairport software
  • FREE online remote support.
  • FREE eMail technical support on Fairport software
  • Secure nightly backup of all data
Other advantages with the SaaS -
  • Centralised data for recording activities and reporting across multiple locations.
  • Pocket PAM2 synchronises via the WWW to PAM SaaS wherever you have connection.
  • PAM SaaS runs on Windows, MAC, iPads, Android.
  • Fairport can access your data easily for support.
  • Transferring to new computers is easy, no more re-installing PAM & pocket PAM listener, registering and restoring data.

If you would like some information and a trial login please contact us and we can send you the details

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