Monday September 10th 2012


PocketPAM2 is Here !


The long awaited release of PocketPAM2 occurred in July. Many clients have already discovered the apps on the app stores and we have had plenty of good feedback ... Here's what people are saying...


"It's working really well.."
"I've been waiting for this for years"
"Very Clever". 
"This new App will save me and my employees a huge amount of time each month... Thanks Fairport"


The App is now available from the iTines App Store, Google Play, and for Windows Tablets, from the Fairport Web Site.


Please read all about PocketPAM2, how to get it, how to install it, how to get it talking to PAM and all things related to PocketPAM2, please visit our web site. Look out for the "Getting Started" page... look for "the 6 easy steps".


Roger's Ramblings


A long time has passed since our last newsletter, apologies for that.


We'd like to thank all our valued clients who continue to keep us busy with requests for new and better software and we would like to thanks all of those who have joined the Fairport client list this year.


The past 9 months has had us extremely busy as we prepared for the roll out of PockPAM2 and PAM8. Also in this period we have moved office. After 15 years based in South Perth we decided to move away from the city centre into the outer Perth suburbs to make commuting easier. As the companies affiliated with the mining industry compete for office space nearer the city, rents were climbing at a crazy rate. Now we're located in a quiet, almost rural area in the suburb of Spearwood. We completed our move here in mid March and are well settled in now.


Fairport continues to support Nuffield Australia Farming Scholars. We were very happy to have helped in the sponsorship of David Gooden from Lockhart NSW to attend the 61st Worshipful Company of Farmers Agricultural Business Management Course in Cirencester, UK in February this year. David wrote to us on his return to elaborate on the benefits of the course. We wish David every success for the future. 
I had a good catch-up with a number of old Nuffield Scholars here in Perth recently.


Earlier this year Colin married his partner, Allison and they took a trip through South America for their honeymoon. Colin took the opportunity to visit some of our clients in Argentina. He also caught up with our representative in Argentina while in Mendoza. See more below.


Interest in our PAM Enterprise version has been on the increase in recent months from local agri-businesses as well as plenty of interest from overseas. We are talking with large operations as far afield as Russia, the United Arab Emirates and China. Read about our move into China below.


Now that we have PocketPAM2 released, we will be moving more and more software to mobile devices over the coming months. Stay tuned.


Staff Matters


Our office administrator, Emily started studying at university at the beginning of the second semester this year. We have now appointed Kaye Anderson to fill that role. Kaye will be your first point of contact when you call Fairport. Kaye was originally from Victoria where she and her husband ran a painting and decorating business. Kaye has had her fair share of farming experience having worked on fruit farms in Victoria and Queensland.


Emily has moved to a part time role here in supporting Colin and Roger with technical and marketing roles.


We have been filling our ad hoc programming needs by outsourcing via the internet. We have a great team of people we now call on as and when needed.


South America: Colin's Travels


Colin was in South America during April on holidays and spent time in Chile and Argentina. While there he visited one of our Clients, Trapiche in Mendoza who have about 3000 hectares of vineyard spread across several areas of Argentina.  Colin had a training session on Grape Forecaster and PAM UltraVit with members of the Viticultural Team (luckily most of them spoke very good English!!). Marcelo (vit manager) said that Grape forecaster was a very important tool for their operation as they buy grapes on the open market as well as growing their own so the winery has a very good indication as to what tonnages need to be purchased well before harvest.
Colin said it was really good to meet the people he had only been corresponding through email for so many years.



Colin, Claudio Sixto, Marcelo Belmonte, Javier Perez,Guillerma Yaoufano, Mapolalina Roge


Colin also met with Pablo Minatelli from Bodega Norton one of the original vineyards in the Mendoza region and also in the top 5 exporters of wine from Argentina. Colin showed Pablo through the PAM UltraVit Software and Precision Data Processor. Norton has committed to do a 12 month trial using PAM UltraVit (in Spanish) they have been looking for software like PAM for some time, to centralise all their data that is collected on the vineyard.


China: The new frontier


After a few months of discussion, Vincent and our new friends at ZT Vineyards in China have come aboard as our first clients in China. ZT Vineyards is a 2500 acre viticultural operation located near Beijing comprising 5 separate vineyard management offices and several wineries. 
We look forward to getting to know the workings of the operation better over the coming years.



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