Tuesday, July 15th 2014


Welcome to the mid-year newsletter. We especially welcome all our new clients and thank all of you for the ongoing support. 

So, another year half gone! 

While here in WA we seem to be having yet another wet year, it is very sad to hear Queensland is having one of the worst dry spells in memory. 

We decided to pack as much into the first 6 months of this year as possible.  The March newsletter tells the story pretty well. 

As a reminder, here’s what we put “out there” in the first quarter:

      • PAMShare – your PAM reports online, so you can share your PAM data with consultants etc. 
      • PAM Getting Started & Help Videos – 84 new videos to help you run PAM better
      • InfoPest – a facility that enables you to import the chemical database of all registered chemicals in Australia – straight into your PAM software (Please Note: There’s a Video that shows you how to do that as well!)


Seems the momentum has not stopped since. 

We recently 

      • Released a new weather station data importer in PAM… look out for it under the Utilities menu.
      • Added an option for PAM UltraCrop & PAM UltraVit users to create “Multiple Variety” perennial crop layouts.  This is typically useful for certain crops where many different varieties are planted in the same block.
      • Released 2 new reports in the PAM Budgeting section – where Incomes & Expenses per month per crop can be seen.
      • Released PocketPAM2 with screen labels in Arabic. 
      • Totally overhauled the “TimeKeeper” module in PocketPAM2.

In the second half of the year we expect and hope to be releasing 

      • PDP Lite – designed mainly for consultants to create VRT projects for clients. 
      • PocketPAM 2.2 – a complete rebuild from the floor up to catch up with the changes in technologies since we released PocketPAM2 around 2 years ago
      • New Zealand Sustainable Wine Growers data exporter
      • New Zealand Kiwi Fruit data exporter


Colin has been getting about lately. In early June he was in Sudan getting the team at DAL Holdings organized and trained on PAM Enterprise. He then spent two weeks in New Zealand attending the Mystery Creek Field Days followed up with training and presentations at various places in the North Island. 

Currently Colin is spending a week in Victoria with some of our new PAM Enterprise clients and also dropping in on some existing PAM clients as well. 

I made a quick trip to Saudi Arabia in April to meet up with or new technology partners from Cairo at a large farming and horticulture operation near Tabuk. I had just short of 2 weeks back in the office before my wife and I took a 5 week trip overseas. We spent most of our time in different parts of Russia and included a PAM presentation to a large dairy farming operation with its head quarters in St. Petersburg. I had to “duck off” to Saudi Arabia from St. Petersburg for 5 days to do a PAM Enterprise presentation (back in Tabuk).  



Until next time we make contact, we wish you good health & a good season.


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