July 7th 2015

Welcome to the mid-2015 newsletter.

Roger's Ramblings

Another year half gone!  We have had a very busy start to the year and are wondering where all the new Australian clients are coming from! Thanks to all the new clients who have joined us this past six months. We look forward to helping you run your farming operations better.

In September we will kicking off a project in Saudi Arabia... it's been a long time in the brewing, but we finally got the contract sorted out and look forward to some action soon.

We have recently signed up a new distributor in Russia. Welcome to Andrey Fedotov and his team in Moscow and in the regions. We look forward to great things. 

It is very sad to hear Queensland is STILL having one of the worst dry spells in memory.  Here in WA we had what appeared to be a great start, but that was followed by a long dry spell... Now things appear to be back on track again with good rains in the past few weeks.

Colin has made several training and presentation trips to the Eastern states in the past six months and recently exhibited at a technology update day in the south of WA, catching up with clients and getting plenty of interest from prospective clients.


Staff Matters 

In January we welcomed Suzanne to the role of office administrator and front line support person. Many of you will have already spoken with her as she has been very busy making contact with as many clients as possible, as time permits. Suzanne lives in the vicinity of the office and has two teenage daughters and has been running offices for many years. 

Emily, who had been with us for 3 years left to start a new business in women’s fashion and swimwear. We wish Emily great luck and success in her ventures. 


Software Developments 

Over the past months the development team has been working on several fronts. Some special customization of PAM has been under way for several of our PAM Enterprise clients, but amongst that we have added some nice features for all users: 

New PAM Features

      • Google Maps as a background image in PAM Mapping: A few people have asked why we don’t use Google Maps as our background image, as opposed to needing to import an aerial photo. Well, we heard you! As of the next release of PAM, this will be possible. You will notice a button at the far left of the toolbar in mapping. That button will toggle google maps on and off. No longer will you need to acquire aerial photography for PAM Mapping! Of course, you will need to be connected to the Internet to make use of this feature and we’re not throwing out the option to use imported aerial photography if you still want to use that option.   To switch on the Google Maps background image, click on the special new toolbar button at the far left end of the toolbar (See below)
        Google Maps in PAM

      • Livestock Valuation: A comprehensive system that enables you to set values per month for all stock classes. Those values will be used to value all animals in mobs. There are two places where those values are displayed. The first being the Stock Return. PAM displays a column of values per head and total value for each stock return livestock class. The values are also displayed on a spreadsheet or “browse view” for easy export to Excel. We will make a video on how all this works in due course. Meanwhile there is a support help PDF file on how to configure your PAM to take advantage of this feature.  You can find that PDF help file on our web site under Support /Support & Help Notes / Help Files & Instructions / Livestock / Livestock Valuation... or click here

      • Livestock carrying capacity vs. rainfall graph:  We have added a chart which plots livestock unit-grazing days divided by cumulative rainfall for one of our PAM Enterprise clients and figured it would be of interest to all graziers out there. You will find it on the Livestock Reports / Graphs listing. 

      • IAR – “Simplified Mode”: Choosing a new option in the configuration of PAM enables you to run the Individual Animal Records (IAR) module as if it were a standalone program. The IAR module will no longer expect or allow the animals to be attached to mobs. Some people have been successfully running the IAR module in that way for years by bypassing the association of animals to mobs concepts, so we decided to make it a PAM configuration option. 

      • Nutrient Audit Reporting:  There are two ways of getting nutrient audit reports from PAM: Map Reports (where you choose a nutrient and a time span and you see your paddocks coloured by the balance of  units of nutrients applied and removed) and also a standard tabular report with the same information. Both of those reports have had a complete overhaul recently to make sure the information is as accurate a possible. 

PocketPAM Features 

      • PocketPAM2: Recently we added a feature to enable you to email reports, plans & recommendations directly from the app. Other than that, only a few bug fixes have been done to this App this year. All the effort is going into the next generation of Apps. (See below)

Progress on New Programs

      • PDP Lite: We released PDP Lite earlier this year, but probably a little late to take advantage of the main period of the year when people would use it. PDP Lite is used to create variable rate maps from an imported SHP (shape) file. Those who have used it said it worked well for them. 

      • gpMapper.Net: A total replacement for our existing gpMapper program has been under development for the year to date. Currently development is on hold while other priorities have ‘jumped the queue’.  The development has reached the final stages, but we are not promising a release date yet! 

      • PocketPAM2.2: We have mentioned this development project a few times before. It has been under way since July 2013. There is now very little more to do except a bit of ‘tying up loose ends’ and final testing. As with gpMapper.Net, we are not promising a final release date, but we are very keen to get this project finished as soon as possible. 

Until next time we make contact, we wish you good health & a good season.



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