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To our valued clients & friends


We hope your 2020 has been a reasonable year. We've heard mixed messages about climate and outcomes from clients across Australia, but that's normal for a country as big as this.

We wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and the best of all possible years in 2021. 


Our office will be closed from midday on the 23rd of December until Monday 4th of January. If anything urgent needs our attention during those days, please use the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get in touch. We will keep an eye on that inbox and assist if and when possible. 

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Our team of agCOMMANDER® "beta" users has doubled over the past 3 months to 23. The feedback continues to be extremely positive. In fact, apart from the occasional bug that has been reported, the feedback has been all positive and more typically requests for features. 

Much of the development work done in the last three months has been in the Livestock module. We mentioned in October that the livestock module was already in use, so the bulk of the work done on that since October has been enhancements. With our livestock module "beta" testers happy, some of the guys moved on to the Individual Animals module which had actually been started and almost completed back in 2017. We decided to put the development of that module on hold while we worked on the rest of the system until recently. It has pretty much been fully rewritten and enhanced and should be ready for "beta" testing early in 2021. 

Progress on the mapping module has continued over the past 3 months in an ongoing endeavour to make agCOMMANDER®'s mapping system as powerful as PAM's. Options like: Convert a layer of lines to polygons (handy if you import data from a GPS unit that was meant to be field boundaries but only represented as lines in the GPS). Merge Layers, Duplicate Layers, Copy Objects,  Move Objects to another Layer ... all the tools PAM users would be accustomed to using. 

Emailed or printed Work Orders & Recommendations can now show a map of all areas to be treated plus layers of additional features such as hazards for spray drift, powerlines, neighbour's houses etc. 

Progress on the mobile (smartphone) app has been ongoing but unfortunately slower than we'd hoped. Other developments keep jumping the queue. We did however release the agCOMMANDER® Mobile App for iOS (iPhone, iPad) with mapping, weather, water meter readings and scouting capabilities a while ago. Other modules that are pretty much completed but not yet released are the GrapeForecaster module and the Inventory module. We have the basic skeleton, plus the mapping sections of the cropping and livestock modules built and completed. Getting those modules finished is now our number one priority. 

Last week we completed an integration with the InfoPest chemical database. This is built on top of the existing system we had already developed that keeps a complete list of registered chemicals and veterinary products from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority up to date. The InfoPest integration gives us searching by pest or problem for specified crops or animals in a specified Australian State. For example: "Show me a list of all herbicides that can kill capeweed and turnip in a wheat crop and that are registered for use in Western Australia" .. that search will return a list showing manufacturers, products, links to the label & MSDS documents plus recommended rates and withholding periods plus active ingredients. 

To date, we have built integrations with the following weather station data delivery systems:,, Metos FieldClimate, Mait Industries, WeatherBit, Western Australia Department of Agriculture. More to follow. 

PCT - Precision Cropping Technology - In early 2021 we will add a reporting capability into agCOMMANDER® to display maps created by PCT ... So if you are a client of PCT you will be able to take advantage of that integration. 

There are various integrations in the pipeline for 2021. One of those we mentioned in October was the yield mapping system for Macadamia nuts. That will be released early in 2021 but as the optical nut counting technology is still in trial mode, it is not likely to be widely available until 2022. 

We are in discussion with three companies who are keen to use the agCOMMANDER® dashboard as the platform to display their analytical reports, charts and maps. Work on some of those will commence as soon as we have completed the unfinished mobile app modules. 
There's more to talk about but as we already have plenty on the go, we will tell you about those when we have cleared our plates somewhat. 

In October I mentioned the appointment of Graeme Coleman as our new Business Development Manager. Unfortunately after 2.5 months of working for us, Graeme began feeling dizzy, drowsy and delusional. After taking a week off visiting doctors and specialists, he was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour that has to be removed. We wish him the best of luck and hope that he has a speedy and complete recovery. He doesn't know when he will be able to work again but expects it could be as much as 3 to 4 months of post-operation recovery time.

Meanwhile -

GOOD NEWS: Peter, who started at much the same time as Graeme is powering along, learning fast and doing a great job helping out our clients and occasionally getting time to work on some software development.

We are in the process of searching for new employees for both software development and customer service roles. If anyone out there knows of someone who might be interested, I'd be happy to hear from you or them to discuss the details.

Well, that's it for now. I look forward to staying in touch next year as we get set to fully go live with agCOMMANDER®

Have a great Christmas and all the best for 2021.

Roger Wiese 
CEO & Founder 


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